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From the unique Ice Hotel to secluded spa resorts, we offer serene escapes that blend Swedish wellness traditions with modern luxury.

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Sweden, a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury, offers an array of exquisite wellness and spa retreats. These havens of relaxation provide the perfect escape for the discerning luxury traveler seeking to rejuvenate in opulent surroundings. From the serene archipelago to the heart of bustling Stockholm, each location promises a unique blend of traditional treatments, modern amenities, and breathtaking views.


Smådalarö Gård Nestled in picturesque landscapes just 50 minutes outside Stockholm, Smådalarö Gård presents a unique mix of traditional therapies and modern technology. Here, guests can enjoy sea views while indulging in saunas, massages, and facial treatments. The standout “Water Massage” involves lying on a special bed and being massaged by water jets. Winter swimming is another popular activity, offering a refreshing contrast to the luxurious spa environment.

Yasuragi Just 20 minutes from Stockholm in Nacka, Yasuragi is a Japanese spa that feels like a portal to Japan. Here, guests can immerse themselves in Japanese bath culture and enjoy treatments such as shiatsu massage and facial treatments. The “Yukata Ritual” guides guests through various baths and saunas in a specific order, adorned in traditional attire.

Clarion Hotel Sign – Selma City Spa Perched atop Clarion Hotel Sign, Selma City Spa offers a luxury spa experience right in the heart of the city. With a year-round heated rooftop pool, plush robes, and slippers, it’s an oasis of relaxation. The spa menu includes a variety of treatments, including body wraps, manicures, and pedicures. The unique “Chocolate Massage” uses warm chocolate oil for a decadent spa experience.

Ellery Beach House Located on Lidingö, Stockholm’s first and only beach resort, Ellery Beach House is an escape from the city’s hustle. The resort features four pools, saunas, and various face and body treatments. The “Beach Spa Ritual” offers a series of treatments in one session. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a lively yet relaxing experience.

Grand Hotel The Grand Hotel in Stockholm is renowned for its luxurious spa with stunning city views. Unique treatments like the “Grand Hotel Spa Ritual” involve a series of sessions in one visit. For a more exclusive experience, the hotel offers private treatment rooms with their own sauna and shower, ideal for individuals, couples, or small groups.

Hotel Diplomat Overlooking Stockholm, Hotel Diplomat combines luxury accommodation with a deluxe spa experience. The hotel offers a range of professional treatments, including the “Diplomat Spa Ritual,” which encompasses various treatments in one session, enhanced by an indoor pool with city views.

Elite Hotel Marina Tower – Sturebadet Marina Tower Housed in the historic Saltsjöqvarn building from 1890, this spa offers a modern, stylish setting with various rooms and suites, some with private saunas. The spa provides a range of treatments, including the “Marina Spa Ritual,” and an indoor pool overlooking Riddarfjärden.

Centralbadet In a historic 1904 building in Stockholm city, Centralbadet stands out with its unique historical architecture. It features an indoor pool and a rooftop terrace with city views.

Sturebadet One of Stockholm’s most prestigious spas, Sturebadet is known for its luxurious ambiance. Signature treatments like “Nordic Zen” combine a scrub, herbal bath, and relaxing massage under a starry sky.

Häringe Slott – Västerhaninge Just outside Stockholm, this historic castle turned spa resort offers a unique blend of history and modern luxury. The spa specializes in personalized treatments in a serene, regal setting.


Top 10 Luxurious Spa Retreats Outside Stockholm

Sweden’s countryside and coastal regions are home to some of the most exclusive and serene spa retreats, perfect for those seeking relaxation away from the urban buzz. Each of these retreats offers a unique blend of luxurious treatments, breathtaking settings, and exceptional service, ensuring a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

  1. Ystad Saltsjöbad – Ystad Nestled along the southern coastline, Ystad Saltsjöbad is a haven of relaxation. This beachfront spa combines traditional Swedish treatments with modern amenities. Their signature saltwater therapies and seaweed treatments are perfect for rejuvenation.
  2. Varbergs Kusthotell – Varberg Located in the historic town of Varberg, this spa is known for its thalassotherapy treatments using seawater. The hotel’s unique location by the sea enhances the healing and relaxing properties of its spa services.
  3. Sankt Jörgen Park – Gothenburg A luxurious resort in Gothenburg, offering a holistic wellness experience. The spa boasts a range of treatments, including traditional Swedish massages and innovative relaxation therapies, all in a peaceful, natural setting.
  4. Upper House Spa – Gothenburg Situated atop the Gothia Towers, this spa offers panoramic city views. The spa focuses on personalized treatments and includes a traditional Hammam, outdoor pools, and relaxation areas.
  5. Torekov Hotell – Båstad Located on the Bjäre Peninsula, this spa is a blend of modern Scandinavian design and traditional wellness practices. The hot springs and outdoor pools offer stunning views of the Kattegat Sea.
  6. Falkenberg Strandbad – Falkenberg This beachside spa resort in Falkenberg is known for its luxurious facilities and treatments. The spa’s serene atmosphere is complemented by its location on one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches.
  7. Hooks Herrgård – Hok Set in a manor house amidst beautiful gardens and a lake, this spa offers a tranquil escape. The spa combines traditional Swedish wellness practices with modern amenities and treatments.
  8. The Retreat Club at Falkenberg Strandbad – Falkenberg A part of Falkenberg Strandbad, this exclusive spa offers a more intimate and personalized spa experience. Specializing in holistic wellness, the treatments here are designed to soothe both body and mind.
  9. Loka Brunn – Grythyttan In the heart of Sweden, Loka Brunn’s spa tradition dates back over 300 years. The natural spring water and serene woodland setting make it a unique destination for those seeking traditional Swedish spa treatments in a historic environment.
  10. Steam Hotel In Västerås (only 1 h from Stockholm), Steam Hotel is noteworthy for its unique industrial design. It offers an action-indoor pool with views over Västerås, popular

These spa retreats outside Stockholm offer a perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, and Swedish tradition, making them ideal destinations for those seeking to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Each location provides a unique experience, from seaside therapies to historic castle retreats, ensuring that every visit is as memorable as it is restorative.

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These elite wellness destinations in Sweden offer more than just treatments; they are gateways to rejuvenation, combining luxurious surroundings with unique, serene experiences. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an indulgent spa day, these locations promise to leave you revitalized and refreshed.