Your limited time on Sweden’s shores is precious.

Make the most of it with Bodin och Partners’ exclusive shore excursions, meticulously crafted for cruise passengers like you.

Whether you’re exploring Stockholm for a few hours or have a full day or more to spare, our tours promise a rich immersion into Swedish culture, history, and nature.

Let us transform your brief stop into a journey filled with luxurious, informative, and memorable experiences, each tailored to fit perfectly into your cruise schedule.

Tailored Excursions for Cruise Passengers: Imagine stepping off your cruise ship and straight into a world of tailored experiences designed to fit your schedule and interests. Whether you have a full day at your disposal in Stockholm or just a few hours in Gothenburg, our exclusive shore excursions are crafted to ensure you make the most of your time in Sweden.

Discover Stockholm in a Day: Explore the vibrant capital of Sweden with our guided tours that take you through the city’s historical and modern wonders. Stroll through the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, visit the majestic Royal Palace, or marvel at the modern art and architecture. We balance sightseeing with leisure, allowing you to soak in the city’s atmosphere and enjoy a taste of local cuisine.

A Glimpse of Gothenburg: In the limited hours of your stop, uncover the charm of Gothenburg. Our concise tours are designed to show you the highlights of this coastal city, from the picturesque canals to the lively Haga district. Experience the local culture, enjoy a fika (coffee break), and get a sense of the city’s rich maritime history.

The Wonders of Malmö and Beyond: Venture into Malmö and the surrounding Skåne region, where a short journey can lead to impressive castles, beautiful countryside landscapes, and exquisite culinary experiences. Even in a brief visit, you’ll capture the essence of this diverse region.

Customized Experiences for Every Interest: Whether your interest lies in history, art, gastronomy, or nature, our excursions are personalized to cater to your preferences. We ensure that every moment ashore is packed with experiences that resonate with you.

Seamless Integration with Cruise Schedules: We meticulously plan each excursion to align with your cruise schedule, ensuring timely returns and a worry-free experience. Our priority is to provide you with an enriching exploration of Sweden, without the stress of watching the clock.

In every port of call, our exclusive shore excursions in Sweden offer a unique opportunity to delve into the country’s culture, history, and natural beauty. With our expert planning and local knowledge, your limited time in Sweden becomes a journey filled with unforgettable moments and tailored experiences.