Welcome to the breathtaking

Sweden Skiing Adventure!

Imagine yourself gliding down the snowy slopes of Sweden, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and embraced by the crisp, Nordic air. This is not just a vacation; it’s an expedition into the heart of winter’s magic, tailored for skiers from all corners of the world!

Åre: The Alpine Jewel of Sweden

Welcome to Åre, the alpine heart of Sweden, where the spirit of the mountains meets the soul of skiing. As you approach Åre, be prepared to be captivated by its majestic peaks and vibrant village life. This premier ski destination is not just a resort; it’s a winter wonderland that welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. From the cautious beginner taking their first glide on gentle slopes to the daring expert conquering challenging terrains, Åre has something for everyone.

The resort’s diverse range of slopes, seamlessly blending ease and excitement, is complemented by state-of-the-art lift systems, ensuring your time is spent carving down the mountains rather than waiting in line. Beyond the slopes, Åre charms with its après-ski scene – cozy cafes, lively bars, and gourmet restaurants, all nestled in a picturesque village that glows with Swedish hospitality. Easily accessible from Stockholm, Åre is more than a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of Swedish skiing.

Sälen: A Family Wonderland in the Snow

Sälen, a gem nestled in the Swedish mountains, offers a family-friendly ski environment like no other. Imagine a place where laughter and joy echo against a backdrop of snowy peaks and serene forests. Sälen is a haven where families come together, creating memories on a variety of runs suited for all ages and abilities.

The resort takes pride in its well-groomed trails, ensuring safe and enjoyable skiing for children and beginners, while also offering more challenging runs for the seasoned skiers. Each slope in Sälen tells a story, inviting you and your family to be a part of it. Off the slopes, the resort caters to family fun with activities such as tobogganing, dog sledding, and cozy fireside gatherings. Sälen’s stunning scenery, combined with its warm, welcoming atmosphere, makes it an ideal destination for families seeking a magical winter escape.

Kungsberget: Convenience Meets Adventure

Kungsberget, located tantalizingly close to Stockholm, offers a unique skiing experience where convenience meets adventure. This charming resort is perfect for those looking for a quick getaway without compromising on the quality of their skiing adventure. Kungsberget may be smaller than Åre and Sälen, but it packs a punch with its well-designed slopes and modern facilities.

Ideal for day trips or weekend excursions, Kungsberget presents a mix of slopes that cater to both beginners and intermediate skiers. Its proximity to Stockholm makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to escape the city for a spontaneous day on the slopes. The resort combines the thrill of skiing with the ease of access, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skiing skills or just enjoy a day of snowy fun, Kungsberget is a destination that promises a memorable and hassle-free skiing experience.

In these three premier destinations, you’ll find the essence of Swedish skiing – a blend of adventure, family fun, and breathtaking landscapes. Each resort, with its unique charm, invites you to carve your path in the Swedish snow.

Traveling from Stockholm to Åre

  • By Train: The train journey to Åre from Stockholm takes about 8 hours, offering a comfortable and scenic route through Sweden’s beautiful landscapes. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the views before hitting the slopes.
  • By Plane: Flying is the quickest option. Flights from Stockholm to Åre Östersund Airport take around 1 hour, followed by a 1-hour transfer to Åre.
  • By Car: Driving from Stockholm to Åre is also an 8-hour trip. The drive is scenic, but do check winter weather conditions.

Traveling from Stockholm to Sälen

  • By Train: While there’s no direct train to Sälen, you can take a train to Mora, which is about a 4-hour journey, and then a bus to Sälen, totaling around 6 hours of travel.
  • By Plane: Flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport near Sälen take about 1 hour from Stockholm, plus a short transfer to the ski resort.
  • By Car: The drive to Sälen is about 5 to 6 hours through picturesque towns and rural Sweden.

Traveling from Stockholm to Kungsberget

  • By Train: For Kungsberget, take a train to Gävle, which is about a 1.5-hour journey from Stockholm, and then a bus or taxi for the remaining 1-hour trip to Kungsberget.
  • By Plane: There are no  flights to Kungsberget from Stockholm, making train or car the better options.
  • By Car: Kungsberget is the closest, at about 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Stockholm, ideal for a quick trip.

Why Consider Other Ski Areas?

Beyond Åre and Sälen, Sweden is home to numerous other ski resorts, each with its own charm. These destinations offer quieter slopes, unique landscapes, and are often closer to major cities, making them excellent choices for a more relaxed skiing experience.

SkiStar and Its Role

SkiStar is synonymous with skiing in Sweden. Managing several top ski resorts, they ensure high-quality facilities and experiences. Examples include Sälen, Åre, and Vemdalen, each providing unique skiing adventures.

Explore Our Curated Ski Destinations

  • Lofsdalen: Features Hovärkens Top at 1125m, 25 slopes (half for beginners), 9 lifts, a ski cross track, and a large children’s area. The highest drop south of Åre at 492m and over 100 km of cross-country and snowmobile trails. Don’t miss the Panorama Mountain Lodge and Lofsdalen Skybar for breathtaking views.
  • Tänndalen: Offers 54 slopes, 3 children’s areas, and over 30 km of cross-country trails. With 60 fjälltops over 1000m, it’s a haven for skiers and snowmobile enthusiasts.
  • Idre Himmelfjäll: In northern Dalarna, it’s the newest ski resort with 24 slopes and 10 lifts. Family-friendly with a season from late December to early April.
  • Fjätervålen: Located in Dalarna, offers the highest rapid slope, Örnen, at 1002m. Perfect for relaxation and family skiing, with 18 slopes and extensive cross-country trails.
  • Kläppen: The first resort in Sälenfjällen, features 38 slopes and is popular for snowboarding. Home to Sweden’s largest snowpark, it’s a family-owned gem with a vibrant village atmosphere.
  • Orsa Grönklint: Known for world-class cross-country skiing and excellent alpine skiing with 13 lifts and 22 slopes.
  • Trillevallen: A modern resort with a history dating back to the 1930s, offering 21 slopes and extensive cross-country trails.

Additional Destinations

We also guide you through  Bjursås, Vemdalen, Branäs, Stöten, and Hemavan, each offering unique skiing experiences.

Wilderness Ski Adventures

For a true wilderness adventure, consider Abisko. Stay at the Abisko Guesthouse, near the iconic Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. Experience dog sledding and snowmobiling in this pristine Arctic environment.

At Bodin och Partners, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect Swedish ski adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a beginner, our diverse range of ski resorts caters to every preference and skill level. Join us for an unforgettable skiing journey in Sweden!