Welcome to Bodin och Partners, your elite DMC in Sweden. Our foundation is built on the extensive global travel experience of our founder, Joakim, and our specialization lies in orchestrating unparalleled travel experiences. We are dedicated to supporting travel advisors in crafting journeys that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their discerning clients, whether they are luxury leisure travelers or astute business professionals.

Our approach is tailored to elevate each travel experience, ensuring that every itinerary we assist you in creating is nothing short of exceptional. Trust in our expertise and rich heritage to guide you in delivering journeys that epitomize luxury and sophistication, leaving your clients deeply impressed and thoroughly satisfied.


Exquisite Tailor-Made Journeys

At Bodin och Partners, we are dedicated to assisting travel advisors in crafting unforgettable journeys for their clients. Our local expertise, combined with an extensive network and a passion for unique, tailor-made itineraries, sets us apart. From the serene landscapes of Sweden to its vibrant urban centers, we curate experiences that embody luxury, exclusivity, and authenticity.

Exclusive Access and Meticulous Planning

Our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of destination management is unwavering. Whether it’s gaining exclusive access to hidden gems of Sweden or providing meticulous logistical planning for your travel needs, our team ensures every detail is flawlessly executed. We pride ourselves on offering experiences that are not just trips but are memorable adventures, rich in cultural immersion and luxurious indulgence.

Corporate and Leisure Travel Expertise

Initially focusing on orchestrating MICE events for Swedish companies venturing abroad, Bodin och Partners has evolved to excel in both corporate and inbound luxury travel. This expansion caters to a growing demand for high-end leisure travel experiences in Sweden, reflecting our ability to blend corporate travel expertise with the nuances of luxury personal travel.

A Blend of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Global Insights

Joakim’s journey from an entrepreneurial teenager to a globally recognized travel expert (Condé Nast top travel specialist 2023) infuses our business travel services with a unique perspective. His experiences, from leading trainings across the Nordic countries to attending major international fairs, enable us to offer travel solutions that are not only efficient and goal-oriented but also imbued with luxury and comfort.

Join Us for a Journey Like No Other

At Bodin och Partners DMC, we specialize in assisting travel advisors to surpass their clients’ highest expectations. Each journey we design is a meticulously woven tapestry of extraordinary experiences, tailored specifically for the discerning traveler. We extend an invitation to you, the travel advisor, to collaborate with us in exploring the beauty and allure of Sweden. Our expertise in crafting enriching and unique journeys aligns perfectly with your aspiration to provide clients with nothing less than exceptional.

Our team, guided by a philosophy of unparalleled luxury and meticulous craftsmanship, stands ready to help you design travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We understand the importance of exceeding your clients’ expectations, and our approach is always one of personalized attention and detailed planning.

With Bodin och Partners, your clients will embark on a journey that not only meets their desires but also unveils new realms of luxury and adventure. Let us be your partner in creating travel stories that are not just memorable but truly transformative, ensuring that your clients return with a sense of fulfillment and awe. Together, we can elevate the standard of luxury travel, delivering experiences that resonate with sophistication and exclusivity.