From Our Family to Yours

Bodin och Partners invites you and your family to your unforgettable bespoke Italian adventure.

Picture a journey where every family member, from youngest to eldest, is immersed in Italy’s magic. Guided by Joakim’s expertise in family travel being a father of three, we blend cultural discovery, educational fun, and relaxation.

Italian Culinary Journeys for All Ages

Imagine your family, gathered in a rustic Italian kitchen, hands dusted with flour, as you all learn the art of pasta making from a local chef.

Italy’s cuisine is a delight for all ages. Indulge in family-friendly dining experiences and sampling authentic gelatos. Our culinary adventures are sure to please even the youngest gourmands.

Immerse your Family in Italy’s Splendor

Italy’s allure is a wonderland for families seeking both cultural and outdoor adventures. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the stunning Amalfi Coast, our luxurious family adventures offer opportunities to connect with Italy’s breathtaking nature and heritage. Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, explore the ancient ruins in Rome, or embark on a scenic Tuscan bike tour.

Educational and Cultural Exploration

Learning is an adventure in Italy, surrounded by centuries of art, history, and culture. Discover the Roman Empire’s legacy, the Renaissance art in Florence, and engage with local connoisseurs who bring Italy’s history to life. Visit interactive museums like the Explora Children’s Museum in Rome, or journey through the historical streets of Pompeii for a living history lesson.

Luxurious Accommodations for Families

Relax in elegance at our handpicked luxury accommodations tailored for families. Experience the grandeur of a historic Italian villa, a boutique hotel in the heart of a city, or a countryside estate offering panoramic views. Each stay promises the finest Italian hospitality, catering to both comfort and style.

Relaxation and Wellness Italian Style

Vacations are for relaxation, and Italy offers serene retreats for the whole family. Unwind at luxury spa resorts, enjoy tranquil moments in lush gardens, or simply relax by a scenic pool overlooking the Mediterranean.

Italy: A Haven for Family-Focused Luxury

Italy is celebrated for its family-friendly atmosphere. Experience a country where family is at the heart of life, with child-centric museums, interactive art galleries, and endless opportunities for adventure. From the north to the south, Italy embraces families with open arms.

Begin Your Italian Family Adventure

Join us in unraveling the captivating spirit of family travel in Italy. Each itinerary is meticulously crafted, balancing the vibrant energy of youth with the refined tastes of adults. Let’s create lasting memories amid Italy’s picturesque landscapes, turning every moment of your vacation into a cherished, joyous, and extraordinary experience.